Teeth Whitening

Unhappy with the color of your teeth due to natural aging, tetracycline staining, coffee or tea stains, cigarette or tobacco discoloration? Whitening provides you with dazzling results that are fast, easy, convenient, and long lasting. Let our staff work with you to provide the best options to meet your needs.

Teeth can often be whitened by several new techniques of “bleaching” available today. In office power whitening with opalescence boost whitening system, offers optimum results in the shortest amount of time. A clinical staff supervised procedure can quickly give you a beautiful, white smile.

Included in this treatment are custom fabricated trays for future at home touch up whitening. The “home” techniques involve making trays, which are custom fit for your mouth. These are then filled with bleaching materials. When worn for a few hours a day, noticeable results are generally seen within a few days to a couple weeks.